Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pizzeria Delfina

Love the pizza here. It's light and not like the American style pizzas where it's over burdened with toppings and cheese. The pizzas at Delfina's are flavorful and tasty. My favorite pie is the margarita, simply fantastic! I usually order my pizzas with some sort of meat on it but I am quite happy with a margarita pizza by itself. For me it's that saying a lot when I can forgo the meat topping! Nice simple clean tastes like margarita pizzas should be like!

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Brenda's French Soul Food

One of my newest restuarant discoveries is Brenda's French Soul Food! What a gem! Holly turned me on to this place. Thanks, Holly!

It's a quaint little restaurant near Civic Center in San Francisco and doesn't seat many people. Lunch time gets really crowded so get there early.

One of my favorite dishes there is the fried shrimp Po-boy (pictured here). Damn good! The chipotle remoulade is delicious. I also like the savory bread pudding with crawfish and Andouille sausages. Try the watermelon ice tea. Made with fresh watermelon and best of all...free refills!

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Fra'mani Salami

I came across this gourmet salami at a local produce market. What a great find!
This salami from Fra'mani is hand crafted in the traditional Italian salumi style. The company is founded by chef Paul Bertolli and based in Berkeley. Great rich flavors. I also tasted one that had chorizo spices in it. That one was just okay for me. Much rather have the salametto!

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