Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Recently I have been on this yogurt kick which all started when I got tired of the all to sweet yogurt you get at your local supermarket. After tasting a bunch of different ones I found one that I really like. It's Fage's Greek yogurt. I usually get the one with yogurt on one side with honey on the other. A very creamy yogurt that is heavenly with the honey!
The bad news? It about $2 for each and the fat content is a little higher than most yogurts. Oh well, you can't win them all! Give it a try, you'll like it! Posted by Picasa

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MocMoc & Rocketdog said...

I just bought this Greek yogurt from Trader Joe's..haven't had it yet but the package says it's good with berries and honey! I'll give it a try tomorrow and let you know. --MM