Monday, April 03, 2006

Grilled Salmon with a Kabocha Risotto

I made this last night as an experiment. It started with a kabocha risotto that I wanted to make. It was my first attempt at risotto. The risotto came out okay. Flavors were nice but the texture wasn't right, a little too pasty. I topped the risotto with some grilled zuchinis and grilled salmon and finished it off with micro greens and a miso glaze.

I actually made a mixture of sage, cubed pancetta and pumpkin seeds that was roasted crispy in olive oil and the pancetta fat (bottom right picture). Problem was I forgot to add it to the final dish until we started eating, doh! The pancetta and sage went very well with the risotto but the seeds didn't get crunchy enough no matter how much I roasted them. They had a weird texture.

Overall a decent dish that I wouldn't mind trying again.

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