Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Garlic Flavored Peanuts

I am not usually a big fan of cracking peanut shells and eating peanuts unless I am at the ballpark but these garlic flavored ones are delicious! The garlic flavors are not that pronounced but the peanuts are tasty. There are several different brands but this one is the Farmer Brand. You can find them at most Asian markets.

I am eating them as I type! You really can't just eat a few. They even have a 5 spiced flavored one. I haven't seen or tasted that one yet. Posted by Picasa


MocMoc & Rocketdog said...

Hmmm - does it make your fingers smell like garlic like after you chop garlic?? --MM

Ivy said...

Woo.. that DOES sound delicsh. But be careful when you want to kiss a girl. I don't think the garlic nature of the peanut will fly very well. ^___^

bok choy boy said...

mocmoc, nope, very light flavors of garlic.

ivy, just got to find a girl to kiss who love garlic as much as I do!